Today we are gonna talk about why Online Doctor Consultations Will Be the Future of Medicine, and Why That Should Excite You !

You sit by yourself on a cold exam table glancing around at diagrams and watching the minutes tick by. Finally, the doctor re-enters the room. “I’m not positive what is causing your sore throat, but it is most likely an infection. I’m going to go ahead and write you a prescription for antibiotics, although the infection is probably viral. Come see me again if your symptoms persist or get any worse.”

“Gee, thanks doc,” you think to yourself. “I would have never guessed that a sore throat could mean an infection, and thanks for throwing antibiotics at it just to see if it helps.”

In truth, everything the doctor did in this hypothetical situation was probably correct, but getting to the obvious answer was a Herculean task. First, you had to drive to the clinic and then sit in a waiting room. Second, the doctor likely simply glanced at your throat, felt your lymph nodes and then disappeared for a half an hour to come back with a diagnosis a first-year med student could have deciphered. And you have not even paid your bill yet!

online-doctor-consultations-telemedicineImagine if you could skip all the formalities and cut straight to the professional advice. Both you and the doctor will have better spent your respective time, and you both can get more work done as a result. That is the vision of online doctor consultation sites, one that is becoming more and more of a reality every day.

When an Online Medical Consultations Could Be the Right Call

Outlining possible common diagnoses or recommending a particular type of specialist through an online doctor visit can go a long way towards making treatment more efficient across the board. Even someone with a major chronic condition like diabetes can learn if their symptoms are related to their condition or something new entirely, providing invaluable insight while their primary care physician is out for the weekend.

The truth is that doctors see thousands of routine visits like the one above every month, and most wish there was a way to streamline the treatment process for largely cut-and-dry symptoms. Others wish they could help patients answer the questions they need without having to make an in-person appointment and go for a online doctor consultation.

Online doctors that write prescriptions can even handle the most common problem solvers, such as prescribing antibacterial ointment for pink eye, or helping someone with chronic asthma obtain a refill for their inhaler. Services like these prevent unnecessary stress or scares, and for symptoms that are truly scary like persistent abdominal pain a patient can know whether to go to a general physician, a specialist or to take an immediate trip to the ER.

A Shot in the Arm for Medicine, But Not a Cure-All

Obviously,  online doctor consultations cannot fulfill every medical need. They cannot order tests, they cannot give you an x-ray or a CT and they cannot perform physical inspections to a large extent.

However, they can take a look at you over a video chat to see redness, swelling, the appearance of rashes or any unsettling discharge. They can even ask you to prod yourself within limitations, checking to see how pain or sensations differ as you touch a swollen ankle or move your hand about your belly to pinpoint exact pain sources.

In other words, online doctor advice can be an incredible supplement to routine care. The most trivial or commonplace acute matters can be narrowed down and dealt with in the blink of an eye. Signs of potential chronic conditions can also be pointed out, giving a patient cause to visit a doctor with more specific concerns in mind. Going from “I’m having stomach pains” to “I have stomach pain, and was told that since I don’t have diarrhea, my condition could be diverticulitis” can help both patients and doctors cut through the chaff during in-person visits. In the end, everyone — including insurers, employers, doctors and of course the patients themselves — wins.

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