We have been told to avoid foods that will stain our teeth with their strong pigmentation. Some of the main culprits being dark berries, red wine. black coffee and tea. But did you know there are some common foods that will naturally whiten your teeth over time? By using these home remedies instead of conventional teeth whitening methods, you will be able to decrease some of your dental expense.


  1. Strawberries.

Whiten your teeth straberriesEven though they are bright red in color, it is the malic acid in strawberries that acts as an astringent to remove tooth discoloration, said, Dr. Irwin Smigel, president of the American Society For Dental Aesthetics. Fresh strawberries make a delicious addition to any meal, perhaps a salad, dessert or cereal, and are widely available at this time of the year. You can also apply crushed strawberries to your teeth, leave for about 5 minutes, then clean your teeth as usual.


  1. Apples.

Whiten your teeth appleEven though the loud crunch you make when you bite into an apple, might annoy you, it is the crispness of an apple that strengthens your gums. Their high water content increases your saliva production, which deactivates the bacteria that cause bad breath and plaque.


  1. Celery and Carrots.

Whiten your teeth carrots These also, have a high water content that increases the saliva, which washes away the food debris and strengthens your gums. Celery has fibrous cellulose that scrubs away tooth stains as you chew.


  1. Cheese.

Whiten your teeth hard cheeseHard cheeses contain abundant calcium to strengthen your teeth and gums. Cheese has the added advantage of being nearly colorless, so it won't stain your teeth. So go ahead and enjoy your cheese plate without guilt.

  1. Water

Whiten your teeth waterLots of water is essential for keeping your teeth white and your mouth hydrated. Dr. Smigel recommends rinsing your mouth with water when eating dark colored foods, and between glasses of wine to help prevent staining. However, he warns against drinking too much sparkling water as it has the potential to erode tooth enamel.


  1. Pears.

Whiten your teeth pearsA sweet, juicy pear is just the thing to increase your saliva production to wash away food debris, leaving your teeth, bright and clean.


  1. Seeds and Nuts.

Whiten your teeth nutsLightly abrasive, hard foods like seeds and nuts are ideal to rub plaque and stains off your teeth, says Dr.Matthew Messina from the American Dental Association. Almonds make an ideal afternoon snack to provide you with healthy fats and protein as well as teeth benefits.


  1. Baking Soda.

Whiten your teeth backing sodaTry something different by brushing your teeth with baking soda to gently rub off plaque and surface stains. Use it instead of toothpaste occasionally.


  1. Broccoli.

Whiten your teeth broccoliAdd some raw broccoli to your lunch to give your teeth a natural brushing as you eat. As it doesn't stick to your teeth, it won't cause surface stains.


10. Onions.

Whiten your teeth onionAlthough onions are certainly bad for your breath, they are good for your teeth as they don't have any color to stain them. After eating raw onion, you will surely want to brush your teeth, which will, in turn, make them whiter.


         11. Milk and Yoghurt.

Whiten your teeth milkThe high calcium content in dairy foods strengthens your tooth enamel, making your teeth healthier and whiter. But be wary of calcium rich foods like spinach, although very good for your health, as the dark green color will cause tooth stains.


         12. Oranges

Whiten your teeth orangeIt is advisable to eat oranges in moderation as they contain citric acid, which can wear away your tooth enamel if eaten in large amounts. Orange juice will give you whiter teeth, but who wants worn enamel on their teeth? The bright side to eating oranges is their abundant Vitamin C, which is extremely beneficial to your overall health.


If you want your teeth to be as white and bright as possible, use these 12 foods, and use the foods that are known to cause staining in moderation. You might find that eating non-staining foods alone will not achieve gleaming teeth. You will still need an affordable dental coverage to access professional dental care to keep your teeth in optimum condition. A bright sparkling smile is one of the most confidence-boosting assets you can own.