Are These Foods Making You DEPRESSED?

Are you aware there is something “mainstream” doctors and health organizations AREN'T telling you about melancholy? It is their dirty little secret. They love to talk about prescription pills and “magic bullet” solutions. And why wouldn't they? That's how they make BILLIONS of dollars a year…

However they're a lot less eager to tell you how FOOD might be making you depressed!

You have likely discovered how your surroundings or family history could cause melancholy…

However, what about the foods you are putting into your body?

Prepared to take your mental health into your own hands ?

That begins by understanding how different foods affect you. Here are a few of the WORST foods to eat if you're depressed:

1. Refined Sugar
sugar rush lead melancholy
When you eat something sweet, you get a short burst of energy–a “sugar rush.”

However, what happens 30 or 20 minutes later? You CRASH. You end up feeling more tired than you did before.
Refined sugar sends your blood sugar on a rollercoaster ride. Your blood sugar skyrockets, when you eat it. Then your system floods using a hormone.Do this often, and you end up with too much insulin within your body, which has been associated with sleep problems, emotional outbursts, and other signs of melancholy.

A study printed in the journal Public Health Nutrition found that people who eat commercial baked goods (which are PACKED with refined sugar) are 51% more probable to be depressed than people who do not.

2. Processed Carbohydrates


The typical diet is full of processed carbs like cereals, breads, pasta, and snack foods.After all, sticking to a low-fat, high-carb diet is the ticket to better health, correct?
Not exactly…
An eye-opening study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that people who ate less fat (and more carbs) had a higher risk of depression.
Why? Since your body treats processed carbs the exact same way it treats sugars. Your body breaks down processed carbs exceptionally rapidly, so eating them spikes your blood sugar exactly the same way eating sugary foods does…

It does not matter if you eat a bagel or a candy bar. Both foods begin the exact same chain reaction that leads to depression: insulin floods your body, and you find yourself feeling depressed, tired, and angry.

3. Hydrogenated Oils and Trans Fats

Hydrogenated oils and trans fats are eatery favorites because they're cheap and may be used for a long time…However they create SERIOUS health concerns. These foods cause inflammation –your body literally begins attacking itself.

And inflammation results in melancholy…
Researchers in Spain tracked years. over 12,000 people for six When the study began, none were depressed. But 657 were depressed by the time it was over.

Why did some people get depressed? Those who ate trans fats had up to a 48% increased risk of depression compared to people who did not.

The kinds have a HUGE impact on your own mental health. The Spanish researchers also found that people who ate more fish and olive oil (healthy fats) actually lowered their risk for depression.

4. Foods with High Pesticide Residue

hight pestiside food farmerFarming operations use pesticides to protect fruits and vegetables from pests, but traces of these pesticides STAY on the food after it's sold…People believe they're being healthful; they are eating vegetables and fruits, after all!
But many do not understand they're also eating hints of pesticide that can make them depressed.

Here's the 2015 list of foods with high pesticide residue:

Cherry tomatoes
Sweet bell peppers

Do not stop eating fruits and vegetables. But buy locally grown, organic produce from the supermarket or farmers' market you can. Those are full of wholesome nutrients–without all the compounds!

The key to conquering your depression MIGHTN'T be in your medicine cabinet. It might not be something more complex than that. Avoiding the dangerous foods above will go quite a distance in boosting your mood…