Accepting responsibility for my newly expanding midsection was a decisive victory. No one else was responsible for my fresh girth except for me. The culpability was actually very freeing. If I put the excess weight on, then I could just as readily whittle it down.

I decided to cut back on the amount of sugar and sweets that I let myself consume. I had been eating candy/cookies etc. whenever I wanted. I didn’t think about, nor question, what I was consuming. I didn’t stop to let myself contemplate if I was even hungry or not. I just acted without reason.

Words can be easy to say, but actions are where the will is strengthened. After my admonition and new goals were cast, every convenience store I walked by I found myself taking inventory of what type of sugary treat I could purchase. It was horrifying. I had no idea that I had let myself slip into this pattern of constantly surveying and hunting for my next sugar hit. None the less it was time to let that pattern go. I held myself to the goal of less sugar.

I decided to invest the money I would’ve normally spent on quick fix sugar highs on fresh fruits/vegetables instead. Whenever I felt the urge to hunt for sugar I substituted reaching for an apple (which I kept on hand, for just such an emergency) instead. Just like all the nutritionally based after school specials I’d ever seen, the old bait and switch was my strategy of choice. It worked like a charm and helped not only curb my sugar spikes but also added sound nutrition into the foundation of my life.