The irony of establishing a career in the Fitness field is certainly not lost on me. I was a chunky teenager. I didn't feel comfortable with anything physical and often ran, aka: walked briskly (unless someone was chasing me with a sharp, or blunt, object; running would've been too exhausting to even contemplate), away from exercise.

Over the years I slowly realized that the things I was ingesting were based on impulse. I didn't really ‘think' about what I was eating. Like many people, mid coke can, I often wasn't sure that I was thirsty. I simply needed to feel a little numb & consuming sugary treats helped create the sense of senselessness. It was only as I got older that I realize the connection between how I felt after I ate with the actual items I consumed. You really and truly are what you eat & I was feeling, and resultantly looking like, what will now be infamously remembered as, a Twinkie.

Through the years I've found that, for me, when I eat more fresh vegetables I feel more vibrant and ready for the day. The more veggies I enjoyed, the less of everything else I felt I had room for. I still enjoy a well placed sugary snack, but I now fully realize that if I want to feel good, I need to eat good, quality, foods.