Toby Allen is a London based illustrator, he has this amazing idea to draw Mental Health disorders as monsters in order to raise Mental Health Awareness, there is a series of 16 illustrations from depression and borderline personality Disorder to anxiety and schizophrenia. We show you only two here and suggest you to go to Toby Allen gallery to see the rest of his incredible work!

Allen told Mashable which is the source of our article that “The idea for the project came from dealing with my own anxiety,”  “I found that drawing my worries and fears as little monsters would help me think about them differently and make my anxiety feel more manageable. I imagined that my anxiety could be overcome by giving it a physical from, giving it a visible weakness that I could learn to exploit.”

After receiving a positive response online, Allen decided to tackle a variety of other conditions as part of a larger project. “I also wanted to try and educate people about mental illness and maybe even reduce the stigma surrounding it, through helping viewers to understand what it's like to have one of these conditions,” he explained.


Sources: the Mashable article

Visit Toby Allen's Real Monsters Series on tumblr