It has been Elmer dentist’s job to travel to Jerusalem to provide education and dental care to children. This started in the late 1980s and Dr. Jacob Bagley has always been at the forefront travelling to Jerusalem to volunteer his services and help the young.

Bagley traveled during the first two weeks of January to overseas. He said “Seven or eight years ago, I began working with Dental Volunteers of Israel. It’s a pediatric clinic that treats children, the needy and soldiers.”

There are capable full-time receptionists, hygienists and dental director available in the clinic. Bagley explained that the clinic had five chairs and while the volunteers who come from all over the world manned four of them, the director worked in the first chair and handled the difficult cases. His fluency in Hebrew language makes him able to communicate with the Israelis.

He explained that they did all phases of dental works and also focused on educating the young on dental health. Bagley said that he is most often asked about his safety in Israel. He said that he is not scared. He only has to know where to go and where not to. He also insisted that Israelis were grateful for the services provided by DVI. He once took a cab and when the Moroccan cab driver saw where he was going, he decided not to charge him for the ride. The driver had his teeth treated there when he was still a child. His parents had no money back then. Bagley insisted to pay his fare but the driver refused to take it. This was his sign of gratitude.

Everyone is always grateful. Bagley says he receives cookies, cakes, homemade Israeli food, hugs and smiles from his patients. Bagley says “if you are on earth and have a gift, share it with others, you don’t know the influence you will have upon someone’s life.”