Sleep is one of the best things for your well being. The need to recharge is paramount to your health. Without allowing your natural nocturnal cycle to take charge of your bodyʼs operations you may be seriously compromising your vital energy.

Your body is akin to a factory that works twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year. As you might imagine, in order to make any business run on that type of non-stop production schedule requires having employees work in alternating shifts. Weʼll make it basic: day shift and night shift.

If you were the manager of this facility and the night shift continuously showed up late, and left early, do you think they would achieve their production goals? As you can imagine the unattended duties of the night shift will then be heaved upon the day shift.
Over time the day shifters will become increasingly over taxed, irate, and exhausted while the night shift will, slowly, function less and less optimally as management doesnʼt enforce basic employment procedures of punching in and out on time.

If you do not encourage your night shift to both start and end on time you are thereby taxing your waking hours beyond their capacity. By encouraging your body to follow you natural sleep/rest cycle you will facilitate a better production of energy for your
entire body.

Being a successful manager to yourself means you find out and enforce the optimal amount of time needed to rest rather than the minimal amount of time you want to give.
Over time, youʼll notice how much better you will feel and how much happier you will beduring both night and day.