Let's talk about the importance for seniors to get an affordable vision insurance !
One of the greatest concerns for seniors is health insurance. The reason is that upon retirement, the jobs they had that were providing the lion’s share of their health coverage are a thing of the past. The transition to Social Security and Medicare offers quality medical coverage for a monthly premium of just over $100.

But there are gaps in the coverage. Three of the most common health issues for seniors – hearing, dental, and vision – are not covered by Medicare unless there is an accompanying medical condition. Include the Part D prescription drug coverage option to help with the payment for medication and it is clear there are health issues that leave the door open for seniors to have to pay out of packet.

VSP Vision Care understands the needs of seniors and are prepared to help you manage both your vision and budget.

They are the only national not-for-profit vision care insurance company. A not-for-profit organization is one that must direct any profits it has earned at the end of the year back into the company. For example, the money can go to improving the facilities or paying employees higher salaries.

What this means to you is VSP is taking its profits and returning them to you, whether through reduced prices and discount packages, or hiring the best people available to provide you with the most satisfactory customer service experience. There are many reasons they are the number one choice by consumers when it comes to vision care. VSP Vision has combined the quality coverage needed at an affordable vision senior rate.

One point that should be made here. VSP vision has more than 70 million members, so you can be sure that your vision insurance needs will be met throughout your retirement years. The vision plan for seniors is one of the most affordable available.

Senior Vision Plans and Coverage

As with every insurance company, available plans and rates depend on the state you live in. In a random survey, it was discovered the monthly premium for two people is about $30 per month. For one person, the monthly premium can be as low as $17. The savings you will realize can be as much as two or three times your monthly investment just by using the basic vision testing and prescription lens coverage options within the vision insurance for seniors.
One of the greatest concerns about vision insurance coverage is whether your favorite doctor is in the network of doctors that accept your insurance coverage. VSP has more than 30,000 doctors who are connected to serve your vision needs and help you manage your health care dollar.

Why Have Vision Insurance At All?

For most seniors, the reality of life is that their eyes will get weaker as times passes. Everyone has only two eyes, and they work together to give you the range of sight you have been accustomed to throughout your life. Periodically checking your vision is especially important as you get older because driving and other daily tasks depend on your eyesight being at its best. When you stop to consider the problems that are waiting for you because you are having trouble seeing, having affordable vision insurance for senior becomes almost a necessity.

Brand Name Frames

For those concerned with looking their best in eyewear, VSP has a select group of frames that not only will have you looking your best, but also offer a discount when chosen through your doctor combined with VSP vision insurance coverage. Some famous brands include Nike, Calvin Klein, Anne Klein, and Flexon. VSP makes sure that vision insurance coverage does not have to be boring.

Online Access to Information

As a VSP member, you have access to your medical information online, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is an important service because most seniors will be visiting their eye doctor only once or twice a year. Remembering what services were rendered and when you last saw the doctor are no longer a concern knowing the information is available when you need it.

Free to Roam

If your favorite eye doctor is not in the VSP vision service network, you can still use VSP vision insurance and simple file a claim for reimbursement available on the company web site. VSP makes it as simple and easy as possible to meet your vision insurance coverage needs at a time when the health of your eyes becomes increasingly important to you and your loved ones. Do not miss out on the many wonderful experiences life has waiting for you because of inferior or inadequate senior vision insurance. Be free to travel around the country and around the world and take in the memories your eyes will capture.

You are encouraged to visit their web site at Vsp Vision Insurance and find affordable vision insurance quickly