I so often hear the voice in the back of my head telling me that I just don’t have to exercise. Especially if I played some frisbee or took a jog etc. that voice turns up the volume and says “You’ve done enough. Why do any more?”. Admittedly that is a very good question to ask. Exactly how much physical activity is enough?

People have varying needs and no one answer will work for everyone however it is great to keep in mind that the goal of exercise is to help you do what you want to do/love to do better, longer, and easier. For example: if I want to run a race, that sport needs to be supported by an exercise program. The highly repetitive and impactful activity of running, in and of itself, is not a balanced movement regime. The act of running/jogging needs to be supplemented with complimentary movements and varying levels of resistance to help keep your body moving in all the ranges of motion that get weakened in comparison to to the joints and ranges of motion focused on while running.

So the next time that voice creeps up on you, feel free to talk back and say “I need to exercise because I want to feel better while doing the things I love”. Then keep on the path to building a happier, healthier you.

For every hour of sport/activity/job you choose try to perform 5-10 min. of complimentary exercises. This includes sitting continuously at work. Your body does not recognize sitting as ‘non-exercise’. It will adapt/skew to the requirements of sitting just as it does to running. Therefore, you need to keep the 5-10min. for every hour ratio in mind to help keep you body in balance. This ratio will help keep you balanced and practicing the activities you enjoy for longer than you could ever imagine.