If your health insurance does not cater for routine vision care, you should consider getting vision insurance. There are some employers who offer this plan as an option through payroll deduction but in case your employer does not provide the coverage, you can choose to buy private eye care insurance.

Vision insurance is meant to help offset the cost of routine eye checkups as well as paying for correction wear w prescribed by a physician. Below are tips on selecting a vsp insurance policy.

It is essential to know what you are buying. Eye insurance covers eye examinations, glasses and contact lenses. There are some which also offer discounts for specific procedures such as Lasik surgery, cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. All this will depend on a particular policy.

  • Never assume that you do not require eye coverage. Eyesight changes with age and other factors. It is therefore essential to see an optometrist at least once a year. It is easy for one to get approved for this insurance because it only covers some specific services and up to a specific amount of money.
  • Your optometrist should recognize the insurance you choose and has to be in network. It is vital for one to know the difference between eye care providers that are in network and those that only accept coverage but are not in network. Out of network providers are those who are willing to submit claims to your insurer on your behalf but you might end up with high out of pocket costs.
  • Know the limits of your coverage. Unlike other medical insurance, eye insurance is not an open ended line of coverage. You might only qualify for regular eye examinations and new glasses or contacts once per year.
  • Be creative when it comes to utilizing your benefits. If your plan only covers lenses every year but frames every two years, you can decide to put new lenses in your old frames during off years so that you can have a working back up pair of glasses in handy.
  • Know the difference between discount plans and eye insurance. Reduction plans do not offer vision insurance. The discounts promised may or may not be available through providers in your location. It is therefore wise to confirm with your chosen optometrist to see if they take discount cards before you buy one.
  • Be aware of the periods of your insurance contract. When you purchase a plan on your own, you will Be asked to fulfill a one year contract before you are allowed to cancel your coverage.
  • Know how this type of insurance works for kids. You have to be eighteen years and above to apply for vision insurance. Parents are not allowed to apply for coverage on behalf of their children who are under eighteen years unless the parent is also listed on the same policy.

As seen above, getting eye insurance is the best decision you can make to protect yourself from high expenses when it comes to checkups and purchasing glasses.

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