GoodScout is what they call an insurance aggregator. You’ve probably experienced a similar concept if you’ve ever researched travel online using a site that compares flights or hotels. That’s what GoodScout does in the health insurance industry. We gather the most competitive quotes from some of the best known insurance companies all in one place – and let you see each quotes, compare plans, and pick the policy that fits your lifestyle and budget from your desktop or mobile device.

GoodScout is the only health insurance aggregator that gives back a portion of our profit to benefit a non-profit healthcare organization.

With every health insurance policy purchased at we’ll donate 15% of our profit to our nonprofit  partner. The donation is out of our pocket, not yours. Policies are not inflated to cover donation costs in any way.

Like the mountaineer, George Mallory, famously said about why he took on the challenge of climbing Mt. Everest: “Because it’s there.” Goodscout gives back a portion of our proceeds because we can — and because we believe that we should.
Tom is our founder and #1 GoodScout. He’s got killer insurance know how, and been around corporate America long enough to know that businesses should be doing more to help with the big problems facing society: like healthcare for everyone. Taking care of others is taking care of business for Tom. He does his share, helping out non-profits, volunteering and contributing his time and money. Now he’s shaking up the old school insurance model by offering a healthcare marketplace that benefits buyers, and benefits non-profits at the same time. Tom believes that today’s insurance buyers will get behind his idea and want to support a company that supports others. If you have any questions, drop Tom a line at
Quotit Corporation is a leading Internet application service provider for the health insurance and employee benefits industry. Quotit has established relationships with hundreds of insurance carriers, so you can easily find a plan that works best for you.
An insurance aggregator is basically a comparison site. It’s a third party operator that captures and compares insurance quotes to make life a bit easier for you. It’s like a travel booking service that searches all airlines to offer you a variety of competitive flights. With GoodScout, you can choose the insurance plan that fits your needs and budget.
Let us help you figure it out! We’re always here to help. Contact us if you’re having any trouble at, and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy.
Yes! Goodscout offer health, dental insurance, vision insurance, both on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and through private insurance providers.
Yep. You’ll see quotes from both the ‘Obamacare’ marketplace, and private providers when you use GoodScout to search for insurance coverage.
As of 2014, it’s mandatory. If you’re not insured, you’ll pay a fine. More than that, health insurance makes good sense. Insurance protects you and can help with costs should you get sick, need medical help, or be unable to work due to illness.
Samahope was the first non-profit to apply the crowdfunding model to the challenges of global health. Samahope lets donors fund doctors around the globe so they can treat more patients suffering from treatable medical conditions like birth injuries, birth defects, burns, blindness, and trauma-based injuries.
GoodScout is committed to the ideal that everyone, everywhere deserves good medical care. Samahope is making that dream a reality for people across the world by funding critical treatments to those most in need.
Samahope uses the funds it receives from GoodScout to support doctors, start new initiatives and advance their cause of serving as many people in need as possible.
There are two simple ways to help. One, share GoodScout with your friends, colleagues and family. The more people that use GoodScout, the bigger our impact. And two, visit Samahope’s site to learn more about their projects, their mission and how you can help make a difference.