While the Affordable Care Act – commonly called Obamacare – has provided over 11 million Americans with healthcare coverage, it has also spurred the onset of new businesses. One such startup is GoodScout, founded by Tommie Pegues, who wanted to create a one-stop shop for people interested in purchasing healthcare insurance.

“We are an insurance aggregator. We pull together various quotes from almost every single insurance company in the country and we allow our users to access, compare and contrast all those quotes providing all the essential information. Our customers can make the best informed decision when choosing healthcare insurance, dental insurance and vision insurance as well,” said Pegues who has worked in the insurance industry for 20 years.

“Going from a private-driven insurance marketplace to what we have now with the Affordable Care Act, there are many people out there looking for insurance – especially during the open enrollment period,” explained Pegues, adding that GoodScout can be used by anyone who is looking for healthcare coverage.

While the Affordable Care Act provides a good start to universal healthcare, Pegues suggests that some changes are needed as the system moves forward. “Even though you have a subsidized premium, you still have a fairly sizable deductible. Average deductibles range from $2,500 up to $6,000. That’s not so ‘affordable’ to a family that is struggling,” he emphasized.

Since launching the company in July of 2014, GoodScout has donated 15 percent of its profits to charitable organizations, and their philanthropic efforts extend beyond simply writing checks. They also see firsthand, how their contributions affect a charity’s operations and the people they serve. Their leading partner is Samahope, a non-profit that uses crowdfunding to pay doctors to treat people without any access to healthcare in Asia, Africa and in disadvantaged neighborhoods in San Francisco.

“The key word is ‘impact.’ I’ve seen the impact of where our money is going and I’ve seen the impact with Samahope – how they are spending the money in San Francisco providing trauma-based counseling and funding to doctors treating kids who are traumatized because of negative things occurring within their communities,” said Pegues, adding that he has also been to Tanzania and Haiti. “I grew up in a family where it was always best to give back. It was better to give than receive – and giving without any expectation of anything in return – giving just for the actual joy of it.”

The GoodScout team is looking forward to open enrollment in the fall, adding that their infrastructure is now solidly in place. Just recently, GoodScout signed a lease for new office space in Brooklyn, more than doubling the space of their current office in Manhattan, and now they are in the process of hiring brokers. “We are fully engaged, we feel a lot of exciting energy, and we are also releasing several new products,” said Pegues.

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