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Health Care

Health Care

Wild polio and vaccine derived polio in Nigeria

By |October 6th, 2016|

Wild polio virus (WPV1) outbreak
After more than two years without the detection of wild polio in Nigeria, the Government reported three laboratory confirmed wild poliovirus type one (WPV1) cases with onset between July and August 2016.
All three cases were detected from Borno State, in children between 2 and 5 years of age. Two of them […]

Rift Valley fever in Niger

By |September 29th, 2016|

On 30 August 2016, WHO received reports about unexplained deaths among humans, along with death and abortion in livestock in the North Western parts of Niger, and the areas bordering Mali.
From 2 August to 22 September 2016, 64 human cases including 23 deaths have been reported in Tchintabaraden health district in Tahoua region. The area […]

Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) – Saudi Arabia

By |September 21st, 2016|

Between 23 August and 11 September 2016 the National IHR Focal Point of Saudi Arabia reported five (5) additional cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).
Details of the cases
A 55-year-old, national, male, living in Arar city, Northern Border region. He developed symptoms on 3 September and was admitted to hospital on 8 September. The patient, […]

Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) – Austria

By |September 20th, 2016|

On 8 September 2016 the National IHR Focal Point for Austria notified WHO of a laboratory confirmed case of Middle-East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) infection. This is the second case of MERS-CoV in Austria. (The first MERS-CoV case in Austria was notified on 30 September 2014).
Details of the case reported are as follows
The patient is […]

Challenges and hope in delivering health in South Sudan

By |May 17th, 2016|

In South Sudan, the World Health Organization (WHO) supports the Ministry of Health and works with 67 Health Cluster partners to provide health services within a country disrupted by conflict. Since December 2013, conflict has displaced some 2.3 million people, including 1.6 million internally displaced persons.
“South Sudan is a country that is affected by complex […]

Cheerios maker General Mills to label GMOs in U.S. products

By |March 18th, 2016|

Algal bloom plaguing Chilean salmon begins receding: government

By |March 18th, 2016|

U.S. FDA rejects Eagle Pharma's blood thinner

By |March 18th, 2016|

<span class="articleLocation”>Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration rejected its drug to prevent blood clots in certain patients undergoing heart surgery.The regulator did not approve the drug's marketing application in its present form and requested additional information, the drug developer said on Friday.


Angola's yellow fever death toll rises to 158: WHO

By |March 18th, 2016|

A yellow fever outbreak in Angola that began late last year has killed 158 people, up from 50 a month ago, as deaths from the disease transmitted by mosquitoes accelerate, a World Health Organisation official said on Friday.There has also been an increase in malaria, cholera and chronic diarrhea in Luanda and other cities, […]

Germany's Bayer wins U.S. FDA approval for hemophilia A therapy

By |March 17th, 2016|